Finance Samples

Topic: Legg Mason INC Analysi

The main aim of this assignment is to analyses the financial performance and positioning of Legg Mason INC, and compare it performance with its peers. Legg Mason INC is basically an American based Investment Management firm with a sheer focus on the asset management activities and functions.[….] Read More


Topic: Ceres Gardening

Continuous growth and development are some of the major aspects that associated with an organisation. The organisations which are able to grow continuously and without any hassle are comparatively more efficient and secure than the organisations which don’t have such inclinations (Barry et al. 2000). It is not an easy ask for the companies to grow continuously.;[….]Read More


Topic: Financial Management

Author’s: Adam Oliver


Date: 2/2/2017[….]Read More


Topic: St. Clement‘s School

The main perspective of this case study is to read the case of St. Clement’s School, and then answer some of the major questions pertaining to the same aspect. The assignment has used four different capital budgeting tool for the analysis. From the implication of the budgeting tool, it is clearly found that the position of the[….]Read More


Topic: NPV Analysis

Management of project is the most important aspect that associated with an organization. It is extremely essential for an organization to manage the project in an effective manner, otherwise it will becoming very difficult for them to manage the things accordingly. Management is a synergy of four things which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.[….]Read More

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