Marketing Management

  1. Efficient marketing programs are always significant for the people to reach on the final decision. The same is applicable on this particular scenario as well. The strategic process that undertake by Pedigree for the mentioned marketing program is Encirclement. This particular strategic process is also referred as Product Strategy. Encirclement Product Strategy or Strategic Process is the one through which the company can target a specific market and in the favor of maximizing their effectiveness. The company through the Encirclement Strategic option, can attract the right amount of people at the right time. Moreover, the strategy will play emotional videos of Homeless Dogs to the people to get them further closer to each other. This particular strategy could be highly essential and organized through which they can attain the effectiveness within their core operations. The video will certainly attract more and more people towards adopting the Dogs from Pedigree through which the sales of the Dog Foods will increase considerably. The marketing program is likely to target a specific community which are the dog owners, or who want to have dogs as their pet. This particular type of marketing campaign and strategy has been referred as Niche Marketing, which is a perfect marketing technique likely to select the individuals with specific characteristics. This particular aspect could be of high importance for Pedigree through which they can maximize their potential and maintain their core significance in the market which will help them in the future in sustaining their operations.

  2. Marketing Programs can be of high importance for the companies. Most of the times, it is essential to increase the financial outcomes of the company, and at the same time it uses to strengthen the strategic position of the companies as a whole. The same is applicable over the position of Pedigree as well. Pedigree has a chance to leverage this marketing program in order to endure a smooth financial return on investment (ROI). Obviously, this particular marketing program is enough to give complete autonomy to attract people by increasing the emotional factor. It is obvious that more and more people started to join the company to buy the dog food. Firstly, after attracting more and more people towards the Dog food, the next step pertaining to the company is provide high level of discount on their first selling. This particular factor will allow them to get more and more product as it will not cost more that will maximize their potential in the long run. The main objective of the video made by Pedigree is to increase the attractiveness of the people in adopting the dogs and increasing the sales of dog foods. The company will certainly get added advantage with the help of this marketing campaign that will allow them to maximize their core potential in the market, and maintain their attentiveness in the market. Moreover, this particular strategy will also help the company to increase their ROI factor and financial return in a perfect manner which is desirable from their standpoint.

  3. There are numerous factors that influences the consumer decision making for the Pet Food Category. The first factor is the taste of the Food. Dogs are very choosy in terms of the food, and they always like to consume the products with utmost quality. The second important factor is the pricing of the food. Dog foods are often affordable for most of the individuals, because it costs higher than the foods of the humans. This is the main thing most of the individuals show their reluctance in buying the dog foods in a frequent basis. The same is applicable in this particular example as well through which they can maximize their potential in the market. The third important that found very efficient and interactive in this particular example is the wear and tear factor associated with the dog food. The dog food has the tendency to expire very frequently. This particular key factor will certainly influences over the decision making factor of the consumers that can influence over their decision to buy the product. The last factor that influences over the consumer decision making is the availability of the competition through which lots of new things would have been analyses accordingly. All of these categorizes have a direct impact over the buying factor of the consumer decision making through which they buy the dog food category of their choice and increase the amount of adopting the dogs through which they can maximize their core potential in the market.

  4. This particular part of the assignment is likely to introduce the pros and cons pertaining to the marketing driven campaign as started by Pedigree. Pros and Cons means the potential advantages and disadvantages pertaining to the campaign. The most sensational and effective advantage of the social media campaign is that it is very economical, and easy to reach to a mass market. Company with limited resources and investment can use the same strategy to maximize their core potential in the market. Pedigree wants their message to spread to different parts of the United States, and for that purpose taking the support of Social Media will certainly help them because of its tendency in providing assistance in the same aspect. On the other hand, there is a sort of disadvantage as well that specifically associated with the same aspect. Since, social media is able to target and reach to a mass market, it may contain irrelevant people as well into their consideration that may not be efficient in this particular campaign. It means that the factor of inefficiency will increase eventually for their ineffectiveness and can increase the problem for the company, especially in the long run. Pedigree has to make sure that they are applying the right strategies at the right time to manage the theme on the social media, and maximize their core potential especially in the long run. This particular aspect of the social media will also help Pedigree to increase its sales efficiently.

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