Topic: El-Con Construction Incorporated

Subject: Finance

El-Con construction company is a subsidiary of Orville Hydro is an electricity supply company. Being a medium-sized company, El-Con is proved to be quite consistent at getting work from different segments of the market and exhibited continuous growth, particularly in sales over the years.[….] Read More

Topic: Capital Investment Analysis: Roman Manufacturing Company

Subject: Finance

The main aim of this assignment is relating to capital budgeting and the application of different techniques applied on the same aspect. There are three different ventures which have been selected in the same outcome that needed to be managed and analysed properly on the basis of NPV, IRR and Payback[….] Read More


Topic: Legg Mason INC Analysi

Subject: Finance

The main aim of this assignment is to analyses the financial performance and positioning of Legg Mason INC, and compare it performance with its peers. Legg Mason INC is basically an American based Investment Management firm with a sheer focus on the asset management activities and functions.[….] Read More


Topic: Ceres Gardening

Subject: Finance

Continuous growth and development are some of the major aspects that associated with an organisation. The organisations which are able to grow continuously and without any hassle are comparatively more efficient and secure than the organisations which don’t have such inclinations (Barry et al. 2000). It is not an easy ask for the companies to grow continuously.;[….]Read More


Topic: Financial Management

Subject: Finance


Capital = $ 10,000

Semiannually Rate = 12%

Years = 8

F = P * (1+r) ^Years

= 10,000 * (1+6%) ^24

Future Value = $ 40,489

Answer-E[….]Read More


Topic: St. Clement‘s School

Subject: Finance

The main perspective of this case study is to read the case of St. Clement’s School, and then answer some of the major questions pertaining to the same aspect. The assignment has used four different capital budgeting tool for the analysis. From the implication of the budgeting tool, it is clearly found that the position of the[….]Read More


Topic: NPV Analysis

Subject: Finance

Management of project is the most important aspect that associated with an organization. It is extremely essential for an organization to manage the project in an effective manner, otherwise it will becoming very difficult for them to manage the things accordingly. Management is a synergy of four things which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling.[….]Read More


Topic: AF3313 Assignment

Subject: Finance

As evident from the above calculation, the industry simple average price-earnings (PE) ratio is 16.25. On the basis of this price per earnings ratio we can calculate the market price of Ragan’s stock. Ragan’s earning per share= 320000/100000= $3.4 per share[….]Read More


Topic: Running Shoes

Subject: Finance

The Sole Train is a leading manufacturing firm with over $100 Bn in revenue in 2014. It has grown steadily over the last decade, which is mainly via the successful acquisitions in the shoe sole manufacturing space. This segments now produces around 20% of the organizational revenues.Now the management is increasingly under pressure to maintain the historical growth and thus it wants to increase its growth through entry to new attractive markets.[….]Read More


Topic: Jetblue Airways IPO Valuatio

Subject: Finance

JetBlue (JBLU) wanted to go to IPO in order to raise additional capital. The initial plan was to set share prices between $22 to $24 with 5.5 million shares. But, the management filed an increase in the offering’s price range $25 to $26. This is due to expectation of “blow-out” demand. A successful public offering would not only provide immediate liquidity but would also help providing finance for future need. It would also help providing positive returns to the crew members.[….]Read More


Topic: Hosted Sp Outsourced Sharepoint

Subject: Accounting

According to the case study, Hosted SP was a market leader in providing messaging and collaborative services to their end users. The company was in the services of providing private cloud, managed hosting and multitenant services to their service users and their strategic based outsourcers. Hosted SP was one of the pioneers who implicated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the companies. Apart from that they were also offering cloud facility merely to enjoy the benefits of flexible solutions and to have rigorous check and balance over the sensitive information.[….]Read More


Topic: Mueller Lehmkuhl Gmbh

Subject: Accounting

As far as the company is concerned, what are the (and how many) products and services are sold or rendered to customers? The company sells Five type of Fasteners, they are S-Spring, Ring, Prong (B), Prong (S) and Tack and 6 types of Fastener attaching machines. Three of them are automatic which company rents out to the customers whereas three types of machines are manual which the company sell. Apart from this, the company also provides free service for the attaching machines.[….]Read More


Topic: Back It Up Corporation

Subject: Accounting

Grant has recorded its lease as operating lease. Whereas, in essence, it is apparently a finance lease. IAS !7, Leases says that a lease is a finance lease where, The lease transfers ownership of the asset to the lessee by the end of the lease term The lessee has the option to purchase the asset at a price which is expected to be sufficiently lower than fair value at the date the option becomes exercisable that, at the inception of the lease, it is reasonably certain that the option will be exercised The lease term is for the major part of the economic life of the asset, even if title is not transferred The inception of the lease, the present value of the minimum lease payments amounts to at least substantially all of the fair value of the leased asset The lease assets are of a specialised nature such that only the lessee can use them without major modifications being made[….]Read More

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